Mexican dating black benefits of dating a tall girl

They always scream racism like you said without taking any responsibility of their own. I had never planned on dating anybody Mexican because hell they are looked at worse than what blacks are.

Hispanics are much more reasonable people and even racist white people know it.105574477 #14602By viet ice cream on Thursday, January 13, 2005 - am You guys are right about negroes (and I'm going to call them negroes on this message board too just like other people do). I really don't want hispanics trying to sympathize with blacks because my ancestors have worked hard to get us where we are in America and I am tired of other minority groups piggy backing off the backs of us.105915933 #14703By Nina on Monday, January 17, 2005 - am Anonymous (Jan 16) What exactly do you mean 'piggy backing us'.

I'm glad there are some Hispanics that are waking up to the negroid menace. Now YOU are insulting other minority groups, isn't is hard enough that whites are causeing all this racism?

I'm a Vietnamese girl, and to tell you the truth my parents would totally be enraged if I brought a black guy into our home. If other races come on here in support of blacks, that offends you?

I have Cuban friends that told me that blacks over there and other Latin American countries realize their position, that they are less attractive and less capable than non-black Hispanics are (it has nothing to do with communism over there, just the culture).

So this is a kind of hypocrisy I think many cultures have, and it's not something that's going to be ever be eliminated you know.

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These race issues in America will just keep going on and on.

I mean every ethnic group wants to be open-minded towards each other but at the same time they like to stick up for their own, and that's why "racism" is always going to be a serious never-ending issue that blacks will constantly complain of (and you blacks do complain a lot more than we Hispanics do).

Now I have known one Mexican girl and two white girls that have dated black guys, and two of those girls had really bad experiences.