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Disney Channel shows like this had two formulas, laugh tracks or silly sound effects to replace the laugh tracks. Considering this show basically gave Community the Jeff Winger character, had its stars in an off-screen non-blood related incestuous relationship before Jennifer Carpenter and Michael C.

Hall from Dexter did it, I would say Life with Derek is worth giving a shot if you have absolutely nothing else to do.

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I once went on a date with a girl who told me I looked like Derek from Life with Derek.I guess I kind of did back then when I was more youthful and had longer hair.The opening credits pretty much explain this whole situation. Arthur show Maude where they let us know Maude is as great as all these famous women and then there’s her, only not as good.The stars of the show are characters named Casey and Derek.Life with Derek was a Canadian produced television show.

It’s fairly obvious because they talk about getting “marks” on their report cards rather than grades. Marks are what teachers find on a child’s wrist before calling the cops to question their parents.

Now my face is always dry and I look more a crust construction worker’s elbow. If only for the one episode where Casey tries to be a punk.

All in all I didn’t really tell you anything about this show. They really did sexualize her a lot later on in the series.

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Since the Jews run the media they had to do something different.