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The shaky mobile video entitled 'It's raining bodies' has been released on the internet and was shot by a traumatised couple as they drove past the scene where the Malaysian Airlines Boeing 777 was shot down, killing all 298 people on board.'We, of course, are ready to provide all possible assistance for relatives who want to come to honour the memory of the loved ones who died,' said Alexander Kofman, self-declared foreign minister of Donetsk People's Republic.

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If you weren’t the one checking in, alert your manufacturer (or an internet safety expert) ASAP.

And if you’re not using the device, switch it off, since it’s harder to hack into a device if it’s not always on.

Farrell's mom got court side tickets to game six of the series against the Toronto Raptors. "People were texting me, people were commenting on Facebook and posting stuff.

It was incredible, like, it's weird to see how fast stuff spreads now-a-days with social media and the internet," Farrell said.

If you have friends with surveillance cameras, make sure they know how to stay safe as well.

It’s better to do a little bit of prevention early on, rather than find out your home has been livestreamed later.They're laughing about an awkward moment caught on the Kiss Cam.The Kiss Cam has become a staple at sporting events.This way if there are any software updates or concerns, the company can reach out to you.“I recommend registering your devices with the company that provides it to you,” Robert Siciliano, an Intel Security safety expert, told ABC News in 2015.“That means if they discover a vulnerability, they will usually ping everybody’s email and let them know they need to update their device.”You can also set up a Google alert for the brand name so that Google lets you know if there are any new issues you should know about the product.If there is an update, download it and keep your device current.