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I remember saying to my friend that I wasn’t going to go but he persuaded me to meet him.

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So we announced it to all our friends and families both sides of the world, and a date of 11th October 2016 was set.We wanted our day to be normal, like us, like our love for one another, like our families and friends. Our friends who run a gay pub in Birmingham did our buffet.We had no idea of the procedures and requirements, and it was even more complicated because Bibby doesn’t live in the UK, and had no intention of living here after we were married.We finally got the go ahead to get married in September 2016, and because of Bibby’s time restraints and holiday allowances we had to book the wedding (wedding, not civil ceremony) as soon as possible.Our communications improved after that, it turned out that the reason we argued so much was because of the way I spoke or the way he spoke, word inferences and tone.

He visited London twice a month with work and every time he’s been to the UK for the last 15 years I’ve driven to London to meet up with him and spend time with him.

Despite the fact that we argued quite a bit at first, we continued to speak online, and eventually I started calling him on the phone, mostly landlines back in those days.

I will never forget the first call I made because it lasted for 50 minutes, unbeknownst to me it was £1 per minute, so my first actual real contact with him cost £50!

After almost six months of speaking on the phone he said he was flying to London and asked if I would like to meet up.

That was a day and occasion that has stayed with me since.

I soon learned about calling cards and we spoke more and more.