My personal web cam

Note: I don't have my storm yet, so don't know the status of that WU data integration. You need to register a FTP camera from the My Web Cam page on the Underground Web site, this will give you a seperate login and password for the Web Cam for the Sky2/1 and will be different to the PWS one account created.

So when you go to the to link your PWS to Weather Underground unselect the Camera option, register the PWS first with that user and password (if you have not done this already.

What should really happen here is for Bloomsky to set up the various combinations of units and go through the process of linking up to WU, with focus on the Webcam.

My personal web cam-8

Installing the Webcam Troubleshooting a Webcam Community Q&A Webcams enable you to chat to your friends via the internet using video.Modern webcams require very little user input to install.We’ve told them about the issues our customers are having and the conversation is still ongoing.I am very sorry that I have not made that clear to our community.My next suggestion would be to delete the device connection for both your station and camera by clicking on teh “No longer want your device to upload to WU?

Delete a device here” below the save button at wun.and restart the process over again.On the WU site I ensure that the FTP option is checked and put in all the information.But it still doesn't work on the appspot site it says this under the webcam upload colum 530 Login authentication failed And I"m 130% sure the password is ok.When talking with WU we are seeing that they limit the amount of transmissions from an IP address, so our devices are having issues with WU in that respect.If you are talking with WU please ask them about this as this is what they are telling us with our talks with them.From twitter: @Bloom Sky Support adding your device to Weather Underground?