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The invalidation mechanisms can also be triggered via API or as part of a SQL comment that includes the metadata for the column values.

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Users browse through a lot of items before the final checkout, which puts significant load on the database.

It is widely known that having slow load times impacts sales, and querying cart data from the database can slow web page performance.

This feature significantly increases the number of use cases where you can apply caching without the risk of data inconsistency challenges that can result from using TTL-based invalidation.

The Scale Arc analytics UI helps identify the queries that belong to the same table and access the same column.

Scale Arc’s auto cache invalidation feature uses the transparent No SQL technology by extracting metadata from the query and tagging the cache objects used to associate cache entries with invalidation queries.

With this invalidation method, Scale Arc can guarantee that its cache will not serve stale data.

Using the column value or metadata, Scale Arc will invalidate only those cache items where the column value or metadata is an exact match.

Subsequent select queries with the same invalidated column value(s) will get a cache miss and will be sent to the database.

Data tracking within auto cache invalidation keeps the user profile query cache up to date and significantly offloads the database from processing repetitive queries.

e Commerce sites where users can buy and sell items in an auction require the auction price and associated data such as current bidders to be fetched and updated frequently.

My SQL のレプリケーションは、安定稼働やバックアップ、負荷分散などの目的に利用できる優れた機能です。 bin-log (バイナリログ) を利用して Master サーバから Slave サーバに更新を伝播させ、データの複製を行います。Slave サーバでは、2 つのスレッドが動作しています。 IO_THREAD – Master から送られてきたデータを受け取り、relay-log (リレーログ) として書き出す SQL_THREAD – relay-log を読み出し、DB を更新するshow slave status \G *************************** 1.