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He owns records labels DNH Records (house) and Treehouse Records (hip-hop), and has been producing music since 1991. He has also produced music for labels like: Studio !K7 where he produced 2 albums '[One Night In The Disco and Still On Track, Jinxx records, Poker flat recordings, Stickman records, Ministry of Sound, Peppermint Jam, Definitive recordings, and NRK Sound Division. Because once again women are taking the mic on INNA DI MOOD Podcast and sweet voices are not their only asset as you will find in this female Jazz-Hop playlist some clever and even hilarious lyrics (sounds not easy to date a Dj…). Jemini) – No More Dating Dj’s (Nirobi remix)INNA DI MOOD Podcast is a savourous place full of tasty mixes of Hip-Hop, Reggae, Dub, Electro, Afrobeat and more...

And yet, in Rolando's hands, tracks that seem incongruous and dissonant at the micro level blend into a surprisingly coherent whole that serves its purpose brilliantly.

To analyze these mixes track by track would do little justice here; suffice it to say that the breathless pace of CD 1 gives way to a more meditative, Deep House, after-party sound on CD 2.

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If there is one house music DJ/producer active in the current era who epitomizes the true spirit of "Underground Dance Music" (its very essence, in fact), it can be no other than DJ Rolando. K.'s venerable NRK Music, "Nite: Life 16" (2003) and now this double-header "From There To Here And Now", instantly define what underground music is, should be, and will always be measured against: no-nonsense, rare, but essential tracks played solely for the love of dance music.

It's already an early contender for my best of 2004 list.

It's both like and unlike whatever else you've heard on the Roc - Kanye has a little bit of Jigga-man's mea culpa flavor to him but he's not really rhyming about rock, women or Rugers - he's mostly just talking about life and this song, sampling Lauryn Hill from her infamous "Unplugged" sessions, is so melted in the cut, it's like salt on an ice cube. I mean, I bought the album and all that when it first came out and I always had high praise for KMD but I never really LISTENED to this album overall. Scarface Is Back) Has Scarface ever made a fiercer, funkier song than this?

Kanye isn't lyrical godliness but he's solid enough to not embarass himself and I think he's going to surprise a lot of cats with this album. Partly it was b/c the engineering was kind of dirty and muddled, like the first Jungle Brothers album, just four years to De La and Tribe's Bob Powers-engineered jawns, KMD's album just didn't quite appeal to me as much save for a few tracks here and there. Home is combining gangsta braggadoccio with story-telling, showing off some serious lyrical skillage. Just listen to the beat and then, like the pregnant pause before all hell breaks loose, realize that Ghost is KILLING SHIT on top of that. Maspyke) (from An Evening With the Sound Providers - forthcoming 2004) I'm going to seem rather contradictory since I give grief about retro-new school groups like PUTS, Dilated, Ugly Duckling, Little Brother, etc.

And oh yeah - "Jesus Walks", the whole song (not just them mixtape snippets)? But after getting the upcoming [i]Best of KMD[/i] in the mail, I went back and delivered a swift kick to my backside for not spending more time with this album the first time around. I mean, you can just picture this guy rolling through South Park, put the fear of God (not to mention lead) into his foes like the Punisher going rampage. They're mixing Syl Johnson, Bo Diddley, Le Pamplemouse and whoever else - incredible. It's like the gold ticket inside a Willy Wonka bar. but I really, really, really like San Diego's Sound Providers even if they are arguably part of the same trend. They mine the kind of jazz albums that I spend way too much e Bay and dirty knuckle time digging for and while they're not necessarily way different from, say, the Procussions or whoever, I've yet to hear more than one or two tracks from these kids that I don't like.

Of particular note on the second disc is Tokyo Black Star's exquisite "Black Star", which uses spoken lyrics by Rich Medina to brilliant effect.

But the best advice is simply to advocate clearing out that long-forgotten basement, installing the odd lighting fixture, putting Rolando on deck, and seriously getting down.

Zimbabwe born, UK based singer/songwritter, Sukoluhle ‘Oluhle’ Ncube delivers her first solo release on Offering Recordings untitled “Nhliziyo Yam”.