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In the new age of technological and social efficiency, Channel 4's looking to cut out a few major steps in the dating process: get naked first, actually learn about each other's personalities second.

They're introducing , which they promise will push the boundaries of the traditional dating show with what they call (via The Mirror), "a daring new dating series that starts where some good dates might end - naked." The show sees both a single man and a single woman each presented with six potential dates to choose from, all standing before them entirely in the nude; with the chosen couples then heading off on a date to see if those initial instincts turn out to be correct.

Last fall, the defendants did admit an editing error led to the one-second “inadvertent” exposure of the 28-year-old’s vagina and anus to viewers during the July 31 broadcast of the racy series’ third episode.

Everyone is looking at the combination and the way that we are building and pulling together talent to make amazing shows as a model and secret to success how to rebuild a brand and get a phenomenal growth.Frankly it’s a model we are now going to be applying to MTV.Elizabeth Mc Namara of NYC firm Davis Wright Tremaine LLP and Edward H.Rosenthal of Frankfurt Kurnit Klein & Seltz PC represented defendants Viacom and producers Lighthearted and Firelight.We also have some amazing new miniseries, historical biopics in development.

That’s an area we’ve had great success with projects like was unrelated to anything else other than the fact that it is such a cultural phenomenon.VH1 today unveiled its 2017-18 lineup of new and returning series, the first since Viacom CEO Bob Bakish unveiled a new strategy, identifying six cable networks, including MTV, as flagship brands getting a lot of resources and movie tie-ins, with the rest, including VH1, named reinforcing brands.VH1 has been a success story, logging seven consecutive quarters of ratings growth.Right now we have tremendous success with all of our primetime shows, but I love being in live, we work very hard to make sure our shows have more live viewing than anything else, creating these watershed moments in all of the shows.We would love to have a daily strip, we have to figure out what is the right mix, right combination, but for right now we have such great success (in primetime), we don’t want to slow it down.In a hearing Wednesday, Judge Anil Singh not only dispensed with the August 19, 2014 filed complaint but put all legal fees on the plaintiff.