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Travis had missed that “awkward teen” stage and was fit and even muscled.But, he was a teen and being around nearly naked girls was bothering him.As usual when money is involved, the parents were often around, forcing them to become more independent than they should be, working the barn and kennel mostly themselves.

Travis was wearing camouflage cargo pants and a black tee shirt and black steel-toe combat boots.

Nikki had on an above mid thigh dark grey mini skirt, a thin white top and no bra.

“Wanna ride over and see what Vikki’s getting into?

” Nikki asked “Sure.” Travis agreed and they left the barn.

“I think he likes you…a lot.” Travis said with a laugh.

Nikki looked at where he was staring and saw the tip of Bandit’s thick red dick standing about 2 inches out of his sheath. “Alright, lets get him cleaned up.” Vikki said and led him down the isle to one of the shower rooms.As they neared it, Travis squeezed the front brake and rode out the last 30 feet on his front wheel.Parked in front of the kennel was another dirt bike, this one a dark blue Yamaha YS 250cc 4 stroke. We ran out of stuff to do so we decided to come bug you.” Nikki said. “He’s real rowdy so we’ll probably get soaked.” Vikki said. He was silver with a bandit’s mask mark around his eyes and black tips on his ears.The ranch belonged to the Smith’s who were quite wealthy.Jim Smith and Matilda Smith had identical twins, Nikki and Travis.The day was just tipping 90° and not a cloud in site.