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Besides, many widowers are prone to remarry to find emotional support and stability.

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Middle-aged adults, for instance, probably find that many of their acquaintances are married, thus limiting their chances of partnering.The more traditional ways of meeting someone do not appeal to many of us. Every day I get emails from women who want one-on-one dating coaching but don’t want to try online dating.Rather than dip your toe in the water and give up because you’re intimidated, I highly encourage you to check out Finding the One Online, in which I hold your hand through the entire online dating process, from getting over your fears, to choosing a website, to writing a profile, to flirting with men and so on.Online dating services can help women to develop new forms of relationship with the other sex, challenging stereotypes and prejudices about gender and age.

In contrast to women, men, as they age, tend to seek a partner who can replicate gender relations that mirror past relationships, particularly for those with more traditional views of marriage.But it's like anything else – there's a way to do it successfully, and it's a great way to meet people you wouldn't normally meet.Becoming single again, through divorce or widowhood, is an emotionally life changing experience.As research shows, men and women live this transition in different ways.Although both genders face higher rates of late life divorce now than previous generations, widowhood still affects more women than men.In contrast to women, men experience, in general, higher levels of depression going through divorce or widowhood, but they recover at a faster pace.