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Khaled, 17, who wished to also not divulge his full name, is a young example of this sort of user, though he hates the term “internet dating.” His young age is not that strange for the dating websites — he says many other young people do it — as they grant users access at ages as young as 12, and anybody can simply lie about their age to get on to an adult site or social network.Khaled told Egypt Independent that being in one school all your life limits who you know and who you can know, and that using Facebook or online chat rooms is very useful to make friends or meet girls who share similar tastes in music, movies or books.Strangely, though, not very much is ever said about online dating in Egypt, to the extent that one might believe that it doesn’t occur.But after spending hours on the net inquiring — for the sake of the article, of course — it appears online dating is also extremely common in Egypt: either for a friendly date, a one-night stand, or even to find a spouse, with some users opting to decide to get married even before meeting in person.To look at the different aspects of online dating in Egypt, several users of online dating facilities agreed to share their stories with Egypt Independent, although most requested some form of anonymity.

Online dating is a rather general term referring to a variety of places and interactions on the web that lead to meeting and forming some sort of romantic relationship.Using online dating to get married seems to be one of the most common reasons Egyptians sign up for such sites.Based on searches of various sites, some of the reasons often stated have to do with religion, especially for minorities such as Copts searching for a member of their faith outside of the small number of Copts that they know.Online dating has become a popular way of meeting a romantic partner over the past decade, with many couples often publicly sharing their experiences — both positive and tragic — on daytime TV shows like Oprah and Ricki Lake.Dating site e Harmony claims it is responsible for approximately 5 percent of the marriages in the US.Reasons for discretion about finding love on the internet include antisocial stigmas that surround online dating, as well as prevalent socio-cultural norms regarding dating.