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I met Eastern doctors and Western doctors and no one was able to help me.FINALLY, I met a doctor on this website who was willing to listen to me and offer me practical help.

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This site is wonderful because I can give my patient chart to a USA doctor to have it reviewed and get a second opinion.It gives me a piece of mind about the treatment I'm getting.I’m originally from Ohio, but I currently live in Vietnam and work as a yoga teacher.I was struggling for about five years on and off from symptoms of Crohn’s Disease.I had several questions that couldn't wait, so I asked Dr. If not for this great doctor, I would have had to go to an urgent care which has a 0 deductible according to my insurance plan.

Living in India, one isn't always sure if the doctor is giving the best medical treatment.I'm a pharmacy technician working for Safeway in Aurora, CO.I not only use this site but recommend it for our customers who just need to have their medical questions answered. I feel really good about vising Just Health Experts.Type A Thought is an Online Emotional Wellness Venture.We aim to provide Psychological And Emotional Counselling Services Online.I wanted to ask a medical doctor but couldn't get one without spending about 00 to visit the ER.