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Police spokesperson Colonel Thembeka Mbhele said metro police and other municipal employees were demolishing illegally built shacks and that was when the confrontation began.“Metro police vehicles were pelted with stones and one metro police officer was injured.Darabont, a proponent of film who described himself as "one of the last holdouts", was sufficiently impressed with the approximation to film that digital had come to be able to accomplish.

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He sustained a hairline fracture to his wrist, swelling on his head and bruised arms.

“They were repeatedly threatening to kill me, used profane language and made racial remarks. I was born and bred to protect the public and serve the metro police with distinction,” Spilsbury said.

A new prologue from prohibition era New York was conceived introducing the characters of Bugsy Siegel, Sid Rothman, and Meyer Lansky which becomes contextualized in the finale.

The pilot originally began with a flashback introducing young Mickey Cohen and William Parker; this was moved to the second episode.

Two groups pelted police with rocks while the third crept away undetected towards a line of police and security vehicles parked on a road nearby.

The roads were barricaded with burning tyres and debris from glass, tree barks and bricks.

Public Order Police were called to attend to the incident and the group was instructed to disperse,” Mbhele said.

Speaking to the Daily News, Spilsbury said the mob had split into three groups.

A new scene at a church which introduced the character of Leslie Shermer and further expanded Sid Rothman's role was also incorporated into the premiere.

Some characters from the pilot were also recast: Gregory Itzin replaced Ron Rifkin as the mayor of Los Angeles, and Mekia Cox replaced Pihla Viitala as Bunny's Jungle Club bartender Anya.

Joe is hesitant about it, and Nash leaves the bar awaiting his answer.