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I knew that it would hopefully be something that was funny, but also something with depth and heart and a little darkness. They’re wonderful people, and I think they’re such gifted filmmakers. I said, “You’ve got to meet my new girlfriend,” and I knew that they would get along. Zoe either instantly agreed or was already subconsciously thinking that they would be the right directors.

There would be a magical element that also needed to feel really grounded and real so you would care about the characters, and when something magical happens again, you’re invested emotionally and you can’t write it off just because it can’t really happen. Our producers Albert [Berger] and Ron [Yerxa] also thought they should be the first people we send the script to.

If that's two percent of the iceberg, what does the rest of the iceberg look like?

That kind of thinking started to get my brain moving in this direction."Antonio Banderas, Steve Coogan, Annette Bening and Elliott Gould make up the movie's all-star cast.

You don’t know why something ends up working so well, that’s why it feels so good.

Hollywood What was it about Jon and Val that made you realize that they would be right for this material? I think it was clear even though I didn’t know where the story was going.

“We, in our culture, tell stories about young girls and tell stories about mothers. It’s thanks to “me looking demure and having big eyes and being kind of small and looking young,” she says.

MORE: Nick Kroll, Jenny Slate, Adam Scott and Zoe Kazan Have an Awkward Date in 'My Blind Brother', on demand and in theaters on Nov. “Getting this opportunity to play someone very far away from myself was exciting to me,” Kazan says.

Hollywood There’s a moment in “Little Miss Sunshine” where you blow a straw wrapper at Greg Kinnear’s head. I’d say that the script was very well written and we mostly stuck to that. There were a few moments of looseness in some scenes, and that’s what you hope for because film is a collaborative form.

It got a big laugh in the theater, and in his book, screenwriter Michael Arndt cited the moment as your idea. You hope that at every stage of it, somebody’s going to come in and make something come to life a little bit more.

Hollywood Chicago spoke separately with Dano and Kazan about the benefits of working together, their collaboration with directors Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris (who previously worked with Dano on “Little Miss Sunshine”) and their future filmmaking goals. Part of the fun of making this movie was getting to be involved in all of the elements of it. She’s written plays and it’s not like I always see what she’s writing, but because she was writing this one with us in mind, I would come home at night and she would have new pages and I’d read them.

Hollywood “She’s out of his mind” is a great tagline. It was the first time I saw different variations of posters, taglines and all that kind of thing. Hollywood How involved were you during the writing process? I’d try to be a good boyfriend and be there for her as writer and be supportive.

is entirely a fictional tale."Paul is an incredibly private person. The worst it ever gets is a fight about what we're going to have for dinner."Kazan went on to explain that the movie is actually a response to the ways women are often presented in the media.? "She continued: "Then I was thinking about something that feels less well-rounded.