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Don't Ever Change is a fourth season episode of House which first aired on February 5, 2008.

A woman who has recently embraced Hasidism collapses at her wedding.

Wilson starts wondering what House is trying to avoid. They can't find any arhythmia and think it might be a problem with her nervous system.

House quickly sees her recent change from a rock producer lifestyle to devout religious belief as a symptom of her illness, enraging the patient’s husband.After Cuddy convinces them to let House keep working on the case, the patient keeps getting worse and when more aggressive action is called for, the patient falls back on her faith as a reason to delay treatment to the consternation of both her husband and her rabbi, who both quickly agree that deception is the better course of action.House then orders them to put the patient in pain to determine if she is a masochist as it may be medically relevant.When they put her in pain, her pleasure centers light up.They realize that her body is doing the opposite of everything it's supposed to do. Cuddy tells him that Amber will always look out for herself before she looks out for him. She tells her husband that he's much better looking that she was led to believe. She won't have the surgery until after sunset and the beginning of the Sabbath, so that she can enjoy at least one ritual meal with her husband.

They think it might be Addison's disease and Thirteen goes off to test the patient. Her rabbi, as well as her husband, want her to proceed right away, but she still refuses.They test the patient's central nervous system by seeing if she sweats appropriately under stress.The husband doesn't want to be there because he might see her without her clothes on. They realize the patient had hypothermia even though she was in a warm room. The patient is bleeding internally, but they can't find the source. He admits that this won't cure her if they find the bleed, but it will keep her alive.House doesn't think Amber is needy enough for Wilson. The patient is suffering from low sodium and they discuss possible diagnoses.Wilson bets 0 that he can make it last two months. House thinks she may have tried to commit suicide by taking poison. House thinks her conversion to orthodoxy may be a symptom of an illness - porphyria. The husband walks out when House compares himself to Yahweh.Wilson thinks that Amber breaks his pattern of going for needy women. However, House agrees to tests for endometriosis as well. He figures she's lying and has another gambit to get hired. He thinks that she's just trying to get back at him. She tells him that he has three mutually incompatible guesses and he has to guess whether she's trying to get back at him or just trying to be with Wilson. When Kutner brings up Taub's choice to give up his plastic surgery practice to work as a fellow, Taub admits that people don't change on a whim. They try to treat her for porphyria and have to admit they think her current religious beliefs are a symptom. Cuddy argues changing lifestyles is a good idea if you don't like your life.