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It was in Warsaw, however, that the Prince experienced one of his most pleasant surprises, and he wrote to a friend of his discovery: 'Polish ladies,' he espoused, 'have a grace, a charm and an abandon superior to those of women of all other parts of the world.' Today, travellers continue to be struck by the charms of Polish ladies.

Casanova's partner in crime, the Prince de Ligne (1735-1814), was a considerable match for his Italian friend when it came to the art of seduction.A regular guest at Europe's wittiest salons, the Prince was a connoisseur of a great many things, not least the charms of the fairer sex.Overall, however, femininity enjoys a good game of fetch.If that doesn't sound like your bag, bear the sound words of Grzesio Cieplinski in mind: 'He who does not know Polish ladies does not know life.' If Cupid's arrow strikes you down whilst travelling through this fair country, we may just be able to help out. For more or credit cards payments only retards may dream that its gonna be fair....Agreed medical evidence stated the blow had a far greater effect than it otherwise would have done due to the victim’s level of intoxication.

Mr Lewis accepted his client picked up a crowbar, but said there was no evidence he had taken it to the scene.The judge also ruled the victim was particularly vulnerable due to his drunkenness.Wallis was jailed for life with a minimum term of 16 years.Police were called to the scene near Cromwell Stores at around 11pm and found the victim lying “motionless” and “bleeding profusely”. In a victim impact statement read out in court, Mr Jedrzejewski’s sister Emilia Klawczynska described him as “really fun-loving...extremely honest and kind.” She thanked her family, friends, employers and Gwent Police for their support.Wallis, from Keene Street, argued during the trial that he was acting in self-defence, but the judge said: “I am sure as to what happened.