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You may not realize this, but once a nude photo of you hits the web (in the cloud, in an email or Whats App message, or anywhere else online), then it instantly becomes potentially available for mass sharing, no matter how securely you think the image is stored.Internet security experts warn that there are a number of ways that privately owned pictures can leak into the public eye, sometimes virally.It’s a lot harder to hide from an eager and talented hacker than it is from your friends.(It’s even harder to hide if your hackers are your friends.)Phones are programmed to automatically upload pictures to the cloud as soon as they’re snapped.The popular social media and communication app Snap Chat last year released a facility within the app that allows users to forward and receive money with the tap of a button.

This new functionality is called ‘Snap Cash’ Many other companies provide online facilities to transfer money however this one specifically works within the Snap Chat app which is enormously popular with children and teenagers.

And while the internet has gone rampant with personal images never intended for general distribution, we are only beginning to realize the effects of sexting.

Sharing nude photos without consent is considered sexual harassment and is punishable by law.

your nude photo) before Snapchat makes it disappear.

Of course, using an app like Snapchat is far better than allowing sensitive photos to remain on the recipient’s phone forever by default.

In order to send messages which cannot be decoded, you will need to use an encrypting app.