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Casual sex is a bit passé now -- especially for people that are looking for a serious relationship.

However, sometimes you just "click," and shouldn't have feelings of guilt or regret if something does happen in those situations.

Many times, couples have sex and each person views it differently.

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I wouldn't put a specific timeline on it -- it's a matter of how you feel, and when you feel it's right.You aren't holding your standards too high, there is no such thing -- they are standards, you set them, you keep them!For example, sex can be a vehicle for expressing love, lust, anger, grief (to name a few)...To answer Betsy's question: No, she's not setting her standards too high - I don't believe there is such a thing.That's not to say you can't be intimate in other fun ways, that can make you both feel more connected.

You'll be ready when you have a better read on his intentions. Matchmaker Celine Song: I echo everything Candice and Sophy said, and I agree that this won't be a problem with the right person, but I think there's one caveat...The man that meets those standards is the man for you.Matchmaker Sophy Singer: The right man won't lose interest if there isn't sex within a couple dates. The right man will remained intrigued and will stick around until you feel like you're ready. We live in a world where contemporary dating culture is saturated with terms like ghosting, hookup, hang-out, swipe left and swipe right. Honestly, I feel I've out grown out of the casual sex realm, and would like commitment.This is not the age of virtuous romantic notions for the masses. I sent Betsy's question straight to the front-line experts -- our matchmakers, and they had a lot to say on the topic.I think the most important thing is to let a man (if he's worth it!