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As a result, strange technical errors will happen from time to time.

Once you connect to AOL, just launch Google Chrome or another web browser outside of AOL, and you will see much improved performance.

If you use the AOL browser, you will need to deactivate the popup-blocker by clicking the lower-right corner of the browser screen.

Please see other parts of this page to learn how to install and troubleshoot your Flash Player and read the section below to learn how to disable any Firewalls or applications that are preventing it from loading properly.

There are lots of programs out there that claim to protect your computer including firewalls, anti-virus programs, security suites, and so on.

In most cases, these programs are constantly running on your computer and significantly slow down everything you do, particularly browsing the web.

The most common culprits are Norton and Mc Afee but there are hundreds of others.If Web Sockets cannot load, we will attempt to connect using AJAX.Note: Although there are several ways of connecting to the website, watching the webcam video is only possible if you have Flash Player installed and available.If you notice this website running slow, we strongly recommend that you temporarily disable these programs while you are on this website.We promise you that this website is 100% safe and we will never modify or harm your computer in any way. Note for your firewall settings: this website uses ports 1935, 8100, 5001 to broadcast Flash video and to connect to our chat server.This website uses Adobe Flash player to transmit chat, video, and other data.