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This course leader preached the importance of integrity and willingness in our own lives, and somehow Monday turned into Thursday and I still haven’t heard one word from her.

This will run you for a grand total of on (5 worth of savings, not to mention saving you from high levels of frustration).For you brave souls out there who are now wondering about amends, well, that doesn’t costs you anything but effort.The chairs were positioned six aside in each row with a path separating the two sides where Barry Terry would attempt to mesmerize the crowd over the next couple of days.Now take in mind that this was a large hall that could have easily fit double the crowd, so there was plenty of space in this room to move the chairs around to allow for more comfort, but for some reason they thought placing us shoulder to shoulder was more appropriate.Their common solution to this nagging discomfort was to stand in the back corner of the room from time to time stretching out your muscle pain from their agonizing chair layout.

Top 5 Fails of Landmark Forum 1# – For Fuck’s Sake, save your 0 and read The Power of Now and The Biology of Belief, and mix that new knowledge with taking responsibility for the wrongs you have made in the past by saying sorry and moving forward in life.It made economy seating on an airplane seem spacious.For a weekend long seminar that costs 0 for the three days you think they would provide you at least a little bit of physical comfort to help the information sink in.I was excited to take part in the event and sat down in a large hall filled with a 100 other strangers.We all sat in positive anticipating for the intellectual insight that was supposedly coming our way. We sat in very uncomfortable chairs that were spaced very closely together.#4 – This one still might be my favourite, even though know how much you guys love to save a dollar or two from point #1!