Raphael saadiq and joss stone dating

According to him, she had sex with his best friend, then four more of his close friends.

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Austin said in an interview Rowdy TV: “She wants attention from producers.

The problem is you got her – Joss Stone – and all these b***hes wanna f**k for tracks. These girls want attention from producers and then jump ship when they don’t get it. Airing your s**t in interviews is not sexy or cool.” Joss is reported to be currently dating Raphael Saadiq, who she collaborated with on her new album.

It's a sprightly slice of Northern soul propelled by a bouncy Motown beat that doesn't suggest a change in direction as much as a slight shift in aesthetic.

Gone are the seasoned studio pros, in are a bevy of big-name producers all united in a mission to make Stone seem a little less like a '60s blue-eyed soul diva and a little more her age, a little more like a modern girl in 2007.

Tonally, he can switch from upbeat and joyous to pure melancholy with ease and his ageless voice, is the very definition of what Phife Dawg would call ‘smooth like butter’.

Yet it’s the psychedelic edge to his reverb-heavy guitar and drums - clearly inspired by friend J Dilla, whose picture proudly hangs in the heart of Saadiq’s North Hollywood studio – that ensures his sound gravitates just as much towards the 21st century.Which means this introduction isn't all that different than her debut, since it still presents a promising vocalist instead of a vocalist who's fulfilled her promise.Music producer Dallas Austin has done an interview with in which he discusses the sexual past he allegedly had with singers Christina Aguilera and Joss Stone.There's been speculation that Joss Stone (whom is my absolute fave Brit) and Rapheal Saadiq are dating because they were seen together in Britian.Let Juiicy tell you that the picture was taken right after her concert which Saadiq also played in.Despite a masterful solo career and being the producer behind some of the best D’Angelo and Solange Knowles songs, many still don’t know who Raphael Saadiq is, says Thomas Hobbs, who interviewed him recently “People know. He said to me recently ‘Everybody don’t know you as dope as you are’ and I said ‘Bro, that’s not my job’", the 50-year-old soul singer Raphael Saadiq tells t Q, the day after winning a Grammy for producing Solange Knowles’ epic single ‘Cranes In The Sky’.