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And she may continue to lay eggs every one to three days until she has laid up to four eggs. We are often asked where Josie, Elbert and the chicks go when they leave the nest for the season.Since we aren’t tracking the individual ospreys, we can’t be sure exactly where they travel.Thank you to all of the commenters who have watched and commented on Osprey Cam over the years!

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Ospreys were once endangered in the US because pesticides like DDT thinned their eggshells to the point that the eggs broke under the weight of an incubating adult.

Thanks to the EPA’s ban on DDT and conservationists’ efforts to build artificial nesting habitat, ospreys have been a huge conservation success story.

Their numbers have rebounded enough that they are not considered a species of concern.

You can help keep osprey populations going strong by supporting the EPA, which continues to regulate pesticides and other synthetic chemicals that can pose a hazard to wildlife and people and by supporting regulations on discarded fishing gear (in which ospreys are sometimes entangled and killed).

While some ospreys, especially in the southern part of the range of the species, do not migrate, Josie and Elbert definitely do leave the vicinity of their nest at the end of the season.

We do know that American ospreys (ospreys are a global bird that can be found on every continent except for Antarctica) winter range continues from the coasts of Mexico and Central America on down through much of South America.

He continues to perform this dance occasionally after the female arrives. Courtship primarily consists of the pair spending time on the nest together, mate-feeding (the male brings the female all her food), and copulation.

“Bringing food to the nest is one of the main ways a male solidifies his bond with his mate,” explains Matt Pelikan, a restoration ecologist for the Nature Conservancy in Massachusetts and avid birder, “so it’s in his best interest to bring food regularly.” Josie laid her first egg this year on about March 21. The chicks will remain on the nest for at least a couple of weeks (often longer) after their parents have left – honing their flying and fishing skills.

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You will continue to see Elbert bring new sticks and decorations to the nest throughout the nesting season (though Josie may rearrange them or throw them out if they’re not to her liking).