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We spoke about our love for music, art, history, symmetry, and swapped stories about our exes. So all was mostly well – well besides the fact that he kept pinching my arm, and much to my dismay kept saying gleefully – “it jiggles! Okay, if you think I let that get to me and put me off him, you’re wrong.

I had no bio, just a couple of pictures but I managed to get about 20 matches within an hour.I spoke to a few guys, most of them were looking to hook-up but I managed to have a few interesting conversations with a couple of guys and decided to uninstall the app. He seemed engaging although we didn't have anything in common except for our love for pina coladas.She admits that she had not expected that so many people would openly share their intimate experiences and talk about their fears, she told . And in my last few days I met a few people and was glad to have met them.In a country, where arranged marriages are still the norm and sex outside marriage a taboo, such an art project might greatly help in trying to bring about more lively and meaningful discussions about intimacy and sex in the mainstream. Ice breakers on #Tinder These have been #crowdsourced. That's when I realised that people were not just looking to hook up but there were people who were genuinely looking for good conversations and some company. I thought Indians would use Tinder just to hook up but I was still curious about how it is here.Writer and illustrator Indu Harikumar had tried out Tinder for the first time in 2015 while on an art residency in Vienna. I don’t like to focus on one thing alone.” “But what do you think about toes? ________________________________________ These have been #crowdsourced sourced. If you'd like to share your experience, screenshot, please feel free.

Although her experience with the popular dating app was great aboard, her experiences in India were a different story altogether. You could be a local or expat using the dating app in India or you could be an Indian using the app abroad. #illustration #drawing #dailydrawing #the100dayproject #tinder India #Tindertales #family #menandwomen #dating #datingapps A photo posted by Indu Harikumar (@induviduality) on A from Mumbai shares a tender tale of love and loss.

But he finally had my interest when I heard him rattle off the name of a band that I didn’t often hear, that was also one of my favorites.

With that we began our little tête-à-tête that lasted a little less than a week, ending with me meeting him on an impromptu night at a bar.

Often we forget that we are dealing with fellow humans, living, breathing, feeling, hurting, real people like ourselves, who are also looking and seeking." ______________________________________ These have been #crowdsourced.

If you'd like to share your experience, screenshot, please feel free.

“I may not even make love, but I can sit kissing your toes for hours” Not make love? ” I meet him this weekend, I’d have to go get a pedicure on Friday evening. "The conversation was quite beige – not really fun; not really boring – somewhere in between.