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Finding time in your busy schedule is a hard thing to do but to have happy life there should always be a balance in your personal and professional life.

This definitely helps you spend some quality time with her almost everyday and stay fit.Your girl will just be a little too happy because she feels that you want to spend time with her.A quick peck on the cheek when your girl is least expecting it makes her feel really special.These are small things which can be squeezed in during the dinner or your surprise visit.This will definitely put a though in your girls mind that you definitely care for her.

She will also start putting more effort in trying to do things in your favor as well.Your relationship may be failing because your partner thinks you are not attracted to her anymore.This kind of insecurities arise when you stay aloof.It definitely creates intimacy and lets your loved one know that you are still attracted to her.Dinner dates do not interfere with your busy schedule and you can have it on a Saturday or Friday night so that if does not interfere with either one of your work as well.Just go out and have fun with your friends but don’t forget to take your girl along also.