selena gomaz dating nick Roaming profile not updating on logoff

But there is one final step we need to take to ensure that UWP apps work in our mandatory profile.

I wrote a comprehensive post a few years ago (God, it’s been that long? When Windows 10 came along, mandatory profiles had been completely and utterly forgotten about, and simply didn’t work.

After a while, they got around to fixing this, and I ended up recording a (rather long! Unfortunately this had some issues around UWP apps, in that they seemed not to work very well when using a mandatory profile.

Give it a name, and you will see the named hive loaded under HKEY_USERS.

Right-click on the root of the hive you have loaded and select error.

Roaming Profile A roaming profile is the default profile type within the department; it will follow you to any computer that you work on.

Every time you log on, your roaming profile is checked with Demeter, one of our domain controllers.

After this, you can highlight the Registry transaction logs in the root of your file share and delete them – they’re not needed. Because the Copy Profile command ignores the check box not do this bit????

), and then set a test user to use the mandatory profile in AD or GPO.

It’s up to you how much you do here – certainly there are lots of redundant objects related to gaming, XBox and Sky Drive that could easily be taken out.

Once you’ve done this, highlight the root of the loaded hive again and choose from the menu in regedit.exe, otherwise you will lock the file and it will be unusable – VERY IMPORTANT!

The GPO is shown below, and if this isn’t set, no UWP apps will work (they will just hang indefinitely) Once you’ve got this set, you can now test your mandatory profile – and it should work perfectly.