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Certains éléments de la ligne ont été découverts lors de fouilles, d’autres reconstruits et quelques-uns détruits.Les deux tronçons du limes en Allemagne couvrent une distance de 550 km depuis le nord-ouest de l’Allemagne jusqu’au Danube au sud-est du pays.Source: Brief Synthesis The Roman Empire, in its territorial extent, was one of the greatest empires history has known.

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AD 122 at the northernmost limits of the Roman province of Britannia.

It is a striking example of the organization of a military zone and illustrates the defensive techniques and geopolitical strategies of ancient Rome.

The remains of the Limes today consist of vestiges of built walls, ditches, forts, fortresses, watchtowers and civilian settlements.

Certain elements of the line have been excavated, some reconstructed and a few destroyed.

The two sections of the Limes in Germany cover a length of 550 km from the north-west of the country to the Danube in the south-east.

The 118-km-long Hadrian’s Wall (UK) was built on the orders of the Emperor Hadrian c.

يغطّي طرفا "الليمز" في ألمانيا مساحة 550 كلم إنطلاقاً من الشمال الغربي لألمانيا حتى الدانوب في الجنوب الشرقي من البلاد.

وقد تمّ تسجيلهما كامتداد لجدار أدريان (المملكة المتحدة) الذي اُدرج على قائمة التراث العالمي في العام 1987.

The Antonine Wall, a 60-km long fortification in Scotland was started by Emperor Antonius Pius in 142 AD as a defense against the “barbarians” of the north.

It constitutes the northwestern-most portion of the Roman Limes.

De 118 kilometer lange Hadrian’s Wall in Groot-Brittannië maakt deel uit van de Limes.