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Extensive research at Site-23 yields little information, as subjects are unable to provide any meaningful information or communication to Foundation staff due to extensive psychological trauma and profound mental disorders.

12/13/1975: Localized weather phenomena documented as occurring entirely and exclusively within SCP-186.

These include sustained winds up to 120 kph, 20 cm of rainfall and temperatures temporarily reaching 48°C.

04/02/1959: After an extensive excavation of the site of the northeastern sinkhole, 23 persons are discovered buried at a depth of 15 m in a mass grave, alive despite decades of interment and various wounds and injuries.

As with subjects discovered earlier, most are dressed in remnants of military uniforms of the World War I era and are presumed to be participants in the original SCP-186 event.

09/02/1932: The sounds of sporadic gunfire are recorded throughout the site, despite lack of observed presence of any civilians. 05/30/1936: Agents Chekhov and ██████████ fail to return from routine patrol of SCP-186.

No subsequent traces of either person are ever recovered.All instances of SCP-186-1 are to be secured in the munitions wing of Site-23.Description: SCP-186 is the site of an unrecorded military engagement occurring from 7/24/1917 to 8/13/1917 between elements of the Imperial German Army and forces of the Russian provisional government as part of the larger conflict of World War I, and the continuing effects resulting from its aftermath.Subjects subsequently tranquilized, anesthetized and incinerated. 07/29/1962: Prior to upgrades to containment facilities, security perimeter of SCP-186 found to be almost 85 m longer than originally documented.Inquiry later rules out clerical error as source of discrepancy.This conflict came to be known to its participants as the Battle of Husiatyn Woods in surviving accounts.