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Find FUN in every situation (as other poster’s have listed)4.

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Reply From a guys view: Don;t try to hide whether you have kids or not.

Any man worth dating will understand your responsibilities and be willing to work with you. I think a child sort of works as a good filter in some ways. But let it go too fast even if things seem perfect.

They are only little once, and we only live our lives once. We are all raising little partners and citizens of the world so send them out into the world treating others well, being a good friend, and with lots of love. if you don’t show a love for the world and learning then they won’t either.4. Many times if you are open to new experiences and meeting new people then it is. We started a group where we loved that did potluck Sunday brunches with kids 1 x month, dinner out 1 x month. Our children have grown up to become best friends, we trade off kids so we can all date, we do tons of things together with and without kids.

Yes to having fun withy our kids, friends and family. Teach your daughter or son to be the type of partner you would want to have one day. If you don’t make priorities and have good adventures neither will they. Ladies, if it smells or looks like sh*t then it is.5. They will become your extended family and your best girlfriends.

This happened to me and Courtney, and we made ourselves a “family” before dealing with a lot of serious issues and getting to know each other fully.

It caused us a lot of problems down the line and played into our break up If htings are great and getting serious, I recomend ice cream as a date to introduce him to your kid(s). When you get to know our daughter, you’ll get to know us too. So be sure you’re comfortable with me seeing what you’re sending. I will ask you a lot of questions and make sure you know that I know how special my daughter is. No, I’m not going to be nosey, rude or obsessive about it But, if my daughter’s phone just happens to be laying on the table, and I see she’s gotten a text, I might take a look at it.Your children are growing up with their own challenges.Beyond doing the best you can, their lives are theirs to live out.I realized it would be rather audacious for me to write them all.. What are the rules you live by that help make every day easier? Sometimes I feel a little sorry for myself, but then I hear a story of a mom who is going through a lot more than I am and I realize how lucky i truly am! There are always other things to think about and preoccupy our minds, especially when you’ve got everything on your shoulders as a single parent, but sometimes it necessary to just stop and enjoy the simple joys your kids provide. It has been suggested to me that as a single mother with baggage I am probably going to have to settle for less than I yearn for. (and so true.) Here are just some random thoughts.1) Realize that children are impressionable, so set the kind of example you want them to have.2) Don’t take on more than you can handle.3) Set aside time for yourself.4) Never let anyone make you feel inferior because you’re going it alone.5) Learn from your mistakes, but don’t dwell on the past. It’s great to listen to what other people do, but every child and parent is unique.