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After years spent in the Russian love trenches that are Moscow, I decided it was time to take another look at Russian women.

In our country, the main depository of genealogical sources is the Lithuanian State Historical Archives (8 Mindaugo Street, Vilnius). church record books from Vilnius, Seinai, Telšiai (Samogitia) Roman Catholic dioceses, and the record books of 1924 – 1940 from Panevėžys, Kaunas, Kaišiadorys, Vilkaviškis Roman Catholic churches.

These church books contain records of baptisms, marriages and deaths.

The Archives also preserve record books from the churches of other confessions in Lithuania – Russian Orthodox, Old Believers, Jewish, Evangelical Reformed, Lutheran, Moslem, Karaite – with birth, marriage, divorce and death records.

There are also documents of the civil marriage registry offices of 1940 – 2007, documents of the Chancellery of the Convention of the Nobility Representatives of the Vilnius Governorate, of custodial institutions of the nobility and their leaders of the Vilnius and Kaunas counties of these governorates, documents of the Augustavas County nobility leader, also private collections and collections belonging to different families.

They are traditional in the sense that gender roles are more fixed - think america in the 50s.

This doesn't mean that Russian women are timid, opinion-less home-cleaning drones, it just means there is a stronger male/female balance If you can live up to at least some of your male functions, you will be fed and 'looked after'.Like a lot of things, this will most likely balance out in coming years, but I don't know whether Russian women will turn into Carrie Bradshaws any time soon.Perhaps this is a natural consequence of meeting ladies in different countries, but I've found Russian girls/women generally easy to approach and get talking too (this could be because of my stupidly ridiculous good looks).Our services are tailor-made for your taste, while our respectful and professional attitude is widely known.We work very hard so you can enjoy a great adventure in a new city or a romantic moment with a special person without having to worry about logistics.As a registered member you can book restaurants online across the city to find the perfect dining experience for a first date.