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It's like me saying that since I am mostly an Irish American that I am Irish and an expert on Irish ways, culture, etc. Go to China and tell the Chinese there that you are Chinese and they will laugh at you - at least some will.In fact as an Asian American you may feel ostracized a bit as on the outside you are going to fit in, but on the inside you are a foreigner.Here are a few related videos that were created by Asian American women.

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I bet you wouldn't think that was weird since that's how most people are, but why isn't that weird?

But what if I said I was attracted to Caucasian woman and I am Caucasian?

Whether it's the Asian facial features you like or body size (obesity is rare) I think most American men living in Asia would agree that they are more attractive.

I believe that there is a cultural influence that makes them more shy, docile or perceived as submissive.

Maybe because most of Asia was a male dominated household. Most women there now have jobs, more independence, and some are single (in their 30's & 40's). I have an old friend from high school who teaches ESL at a college in Florida and when I asked her about her students from Asia she described them as "shy". If you are Asian American and not shy then that's also great, but I am not referring to you.

In I mentioned that Eastern Asian culture is more feminine (yin) and western (American) culture more masculine (yang). I said that I saw the US as being more extroverted and Asia as being more introverted. While things are changing white men do tend to have a higher status as they do tend to make more money than other races and sexes.

I think everybody has to be at least a little physically attracted to their mate.

In one study on facial attractiveness Asian women were considered the most attractive females.

Were these embittered whites and Asians that came up with these terms? The word "fever" suggests that there is something wrong with the person for being attracted to a person of a different race and that they are abnormal or have a fetish.

In fact it might be kind of weirder since it's more incestuous like.

I have seen many attractive women of different races, but as soon as they opened their mouth I wasn't attracted anymore. On the outside I have found some to be attractive, but as soon as they spoke I could tell that they were American and my interest waned.