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George Williams looked at the state of society and knew something had to be done.

On June 6th, 1844, with a strong belief in his faith, Mr.

The ground breaking ceremony was held in the spring of 2000.

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Throughout the war, the Y assisted prisoners of war in 36 countries, helped form the USO (which still sends performers abroad to entertain the troops), and sent workers oversees to help rebuild damaged areas.Commitment to the community, both locally and globally, has always been a driving force behind the YMCA.In the late 1980’s Scott Morris donated a building downtown, giving us our first physical location.Known as “The Storefront”, this little building had a few offices and a large multi-purpose room.The room was used for everything from youth camps to step classes.

As cozy as the building was, it soon became clear that we would soon need more space!

Thousands of children have participated in youth sports and thousands more have learned to swim.

We have seen our members reshape their lives and we have actively reshaped the community in return.

Locally, the Y movement has grown out of a community call for a spot not merely for people to go and work out, but a gathering place for our youth, families, and senior citizens alike.

After decades of discussion, dating back as far as the 1920’s, the city of Kearney made initial contact with the National YMCA to find out what exactly it would take to build a Y.

Six acres remain for outdoor fields, where thousands of kids have played flag football, soccer, and t-ball.