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I get that this was partly intentional (we don't find out Big's real name until the last episode, after all), as well as a narrative device that allowed the audience to fully focus how women think.Also that women have been cast as two-dimensional foils for men since time out of mind.

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This time around I was shocked to discover what held up—and what did not.Pretty much every topic discussed in the first season could double as a 2015 Style Section article with very little tweaking." is full of reality-induced resentment on the part of fans.Here is the truth, which you should not need to be told: Carrie's wardrobe is a fantasy.But the uncomfortable result is that the show often operates on the underlying assumption that men always know what they want, do not suffer from doubt, and ultimately are always the deciders.

The truth that you discover as you get older is that men have no idea what they want. Carrie has some local profile, sure, but even she is not gunning for the big time.

Meanwhile, as a woman who is not a millennial, it leaves me deeply sad that and its aftermath, assuming it was possible to make a living as a writer, buy Manolos, and live in a junior one-bedroom with a walk-in closet on the Upper East Side, only to bitterly discover the reality was not quite so glossy.

In fact, one of my favorite episodes has long been "Ring a Ding Ding," when Carrie also discovers this painful reality. A quick Google search for "How much money did Carrie Bradshaw make?

Sure, all their validation comes from sex, but it does leave them with lots of non-performative free time for IRL conversations over brunch.

Which is not to say we don't still largely operate in a world where marriage and children remain the only widely recognized paths to success for women. But, by the second season, I was less amazed by the singular (and oftentimes suffocating) focus of the show on this goal than by the fact it was their only worry.

Apart from their struggles with men, these women are mostly anxiety free! This may not be a shortcoming of the show so much, as a shortcoming of the time period.