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A jailer with the Douglas County Sheriff's Office is accused of sexually assaulting three female inmates.

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Apa) would prefer to pursue a career in music rather than follow in his father’s footsteps, while girl-next-door Betty Cooper (Lili Reinhart) is deciding whether to continue to keep her crush on her best friend and neighbor a secret. And then, I got called about two weeks later to play the same character because they obviously hadn’t found him yet. It was a whole process behind it that was literally killing me. I was like, “Either this is going to change my life and be this whole journey that I’m about to embark on, or I’m just going to go about doing my daily stuff and it’s going to feel like shit because it’s really going to be sad.” So, I was very happy it was the former.

During a series of 1-on-1 interviews with Collider, co-stars K. Apa, Lili Reinhart, Camila Mendes and Cole Sprouse talked about their audition process for the show, when they fell in love with their character, their instant chemistry, bringing iconic comic book characters to life in a modern way, the show’s sexuality, whether there would ever be anything romantic between Betty and Veronica, why Betty and Veronica won’t let Archie come between their friendship, what Archie and Jughead’s friendship is like now, their family relationships, and the murder mystery. Collider: What was your audition process like for this show? ” I was like, “Yeah.” And he said, “Hold on a second,” and he left. Normally, it’s two months, but this was six months, while they were looking for all these characters.

UPDATE: On Saturday, April 15—well over a month after this article was initially published—April finally gave birth! A giraffe in Harpursville, NY is about to give birth.

Or rather, she’s been “about” to give birth for several days now. The boy giraffe lopes on over to the girl giraffe and rubs against her in what can only be described as gentle whacking.

and a couple days after I moved, my manager called me and said, “They still haven’t found this girl. A., the casting director will see you in person.” So, I went in there with no expectations and approached the character with a clean slate, and it worked. I was like, “If they wanted me, they would have cast me by now. ” I was starting to accept the fact that I didn’t get it.

It was two weeks of the same thing, and I was losing my mind, unable to sleep.

And then, I went back and there were five Veronicas. They want to bring someone in that they feel can compete with you and that they feel is on the same level.” I was like, “Why?! So, we’re going to look for her and test her, and then, from there, we’ll decide.” I was so nervous.

I met Roberto [Aguirre-Sacasa] at my second callback, which was my first producer’s callback. And then, the next day, they put me on hold, but it was winter break, so I had all of winter break to prepare. Because it was just me and one other girl, I thought I was at the end. ” He was like, “So, we’re letting the other girl go.” I was like, “Really?! They didn’t think she was a good fit, to begin with. You always have to have two options for the network because they want to feel like they have two really good options.

convinced the women to do what he wanted with promises of helping them with their cases.“This type of conduct by any person associated with Douglas County Sheriff’s Office is completely unacceptable and is an embarrassment to the department as well as the many exceptional men and woman that proudly wear this badge," said Douglas County Sheriff Tim Pounds in a statement.

"This conduct will not be tolerated and will be dealt with appropriately”Biggers was employed as a jailer with the Douglas County Sheriff's Office since December 2016.

And then, my contract expired and a few days later, they said they still hadn’t found her.