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This forum is here to provide you with a friendly environment where you can discuss happenings on your connected realms with your fellow World of Warcraft players. Of course you will be required to sacrifice a goat or an alliance player once a week to the Horde gods..... When you're playing with friendly and hilarious people, anything you do is fun. Please contact: Butter#11444 Buttercookie-Skywall or find us here:"And you are....?

We are passionate about helping people run content who don't have the opportunity to raid or pugging is just too infuriating.

We want to help people remove the barrier of having an Aot C just to raid.

Thank you we hope to hear from you soon =)Hi, just seeing if any guilds, even smaller ones recruiting on the horde side? I have a 104 rogue and my wife has 110 demon hunter and monk, and 107 priest. Thank you Primordial Chaos -Drak'thul' still kicking?

Our current guild decided to take all raiding characters to another server which we didn't want to do. I am curious because I was an officer in that guild even to the point of gm lol. even though im low level, i do plan on getting more levels/gear as time goes on. If this sounds like you want to have me, leave your spam below!

• Players to stick to a regiment of actually progressing as group for the betterment of everyone.

• Preferably looking for a smaller guild with a tight knit group of adults that offer consistency and professionalism (NOT interested in a guild that prides itself on having 700 members). I look forward to filling a niche roll in your guild and vice versa. Recruiting 2nd tank and melee dps for core raid(others too) Recruiting CASUAL players looking for a guild that 'feels' like a home! We're new so we only have eleven members as of now, but we share A LOT of materials and do a ton of activities Ex. Current Goals: Heroic guild looking to farm/clear heroic and CASUAL Mythic proggression soon Hey everyone, me and some friends decided to make a new guild called Arceran.Voice Chat - Mic and Discord is required Alts we recruit the people, not the characters, we have no issues with members bringing all the alts.If you would like more information you can add the following to ask questions: message Battletag: Erfpeople#1980 or Erfpeoples in game. But open to any guild if they want to give us a chance.“Dark lady, watch over you.”Wreckage is a guild started in vanilla. We lead raids twice a week for people across realms.