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Soon, you are kissing, having sex with this friend.Protect your marriage from this by knowing that once you get married, friendships have to be clearly defined.

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You feel loved, this person feels needed; next thing, you're having an affair.To protect your marriage from this, don't let things deteriorate to the point you cannot vent and cry with each other as husband and wife.Some easily fall for this because it is difficult to see it coming.You justify spending time with that friend because you've known each other from back in the day.Keep a photo of your family/spouse in your office and as your phone's wallpaper.

Above all, make time for your spouse, even as you work so hard.

To protect your marriage from being destroyed this way, appreciate each other, make your spouse feel like a hero, look at your spouse in an admiring way.

And if out of your good heart one of you identifies someone you'd like to mentor and support, do it together, as a couple.

This kind of work schedule can easily push you closer to a work colleague and away from your spouse. Protect your marriage from this by putting your marriage out there.

Wear your wedding ring with pride, constantly bring your partner in the middle of conversations at work, "My spouse was telling me that...

Almost everyone who gets married, marries out of love. He feels good because the young lady celebrates and praises him.