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However, medics characterized his injuries as non life-threatening.

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When leaving the bank, the victim was then attacked with a stun gun.

When Spencer realized what was happening, he reached into his wife’s purse and pulled out her .380 pistol.

Svensen borrowed a shotgun from the owner of an adjacent boat to end the aggressor’s out-of-control behavior and prevent anyone from getting hurt.

Svensen fired, striking the suspect in the head and hands.

Spencer approached the suspect and ordered him to stop.

When the suspect saw Spencer’s gun, he dropped the stun gun and fled empty-handed. (Independent Tribune, Concord, NC, 10/9/13) The tables were turned on a teen playing “Point ‘em Out, Knock ‘em Out,” a “game” of brutal street violence in which a target is chosen at random and beaten in an attempt to knock them out; a recent crime trend among troubled juveniles.The man used a stolen boat to cause an estimated 0,000 in damage.He rammed other boats docked at the marina, as well as a support post, causing a section of the marina’s roof to collapse.A 17-year-old carrying a stun gun approached his 28-year-old victim, who was waiting for his daughter at her school bus stop. The teen was later taken to the hospital and treated for a single gunshot wound before facing charges.When the assailant turned and pressed the stun gun against his intended victim’s side, it failed to discharge. The intended victim was not harmed during the attack.Concealed carry laws prevent crime, it’s as simple as that.