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The same applies for permanent death (character deletion at the end of the duel).9: You can send Somebody Else FH$ to trade them for Legens.

FH.00 = 1 Legen You may also create a cache of Legens to trade them for Mod Points used in ARKNIGHT.2,500 Legens = 1 Mod Point Note, all FH$ exchanges are final and you cannot trade back Legens for FH$.

However, the main purpose here is having fun with friends and going on adventures through dangerous lands and becoming famous in your own way, not only through the chronicles foretold in times of old.

THAT BEING SAID, there is now a lite version which uses no math whatsoever. Yemhelch and Mikkael faced their greatest challenger in Vel Da Ir, known as Baphomatt Flaggel, a necromancer of Umbraria, and one of the few to make it out of the Shadow Realm alive.

However, while they were unable to defeat Baphomatt, Mikkael had further concerns.

Someone has probab...')" onmouseout="close_preview()" href="./viewtopic.php? f=2&t=17548&sid=806cfc23182a2b6705800a225e241a89#p240963" title="HOLY SHIT NEWS! If you want to help integrate the files, feel free to do so.

Legens will be distributed as a result of your efforts.

We also had the addition of legendary weapons as well as guns. The meridians are an actual race, and I've also introduced a sixth race known as the titans. Plus, I'm sure everyone is chummy here and won't disagree on anything. I love to hear of ideas people would like to implement. It would take longer than people would like to download. STORY ARC I: THE PROPHECY AND THE END TIMESAs nightfall progresses and the last king of the Altena bloodline is buried, the planet is once again without a ruler, and within a time of great catastrophe.

The math has changed and become less of an issue, and the physical weapons deal different damage and attack at different speeds like actual weapons, allowing for different types of fighters. Honestly, I only expect bans if you get banned from FH. Q: Do you take suggestions, books, or otherwise implement things players bring up? I won't implement everything but I will definitely listen to them. The Remnvald nation to the east has become a great threat to the kingdom and the races on the mainland.PG, I suppose, the rules have become lighter allowing for people to explore a more "sensual" side of the RP (which I'll probably make a whole other thread for should that arise). Plus, you don't even need to necessarily include the math, I can figure out the damage calculations just by looking at your charts. However, maybe you forgot or something, so just do it when you can. Similar to when you make a post and gain FH$, you will lose FH$ if you have less words/characters than before. Who is the monarch, who shall seat themselves in the throne of Cyndar, all four treasures on their person... Mikkael Altans, Yemhelch, and Natsuki were three heroes to hear the call of destiny and walk their paths through Jungalore.Which I don't really double check anyways for the purpose of calculations. Not only is it for drop chances, but it's also for the in-game casino. So it's generally good to have around 100 to 200 FH$ on hand when you edit and stash the rest away.(EDIT: I myself went ahead and did edits to all of my posts, adding line breaks to make them easier to read. When I talked with Yom about this, he simply said it had to do with the way the site hands out money.)Q: So are you (Somebody Else/Yom Toxic) like the moderator/dungeon master/game master of this? While Mikkael would find love with the new queen of the Meridians, Philena Taltanis, the others would walk a fine line between light and shadow.Jungalore didn't become a full on game until the fourth grade, and at that time it was more of a LARP (some of us had costumes, but we mostly played during recess). It was more comical back then, and the characters were...Well, they had third grade humour, so I'll let you imagine that with a cringe. You still had classes, but it was warrior, thief, mage, spellsword, knight, shadowcaster, and adventurer (hence why the hero, you, is commonly referred to as "adventurer" in the quests).Furthermore, magic characters had some fixing up and overall it is just the best version of Jungalore to date. All I care about is that you create a character you can look at and love, and that you can make a story utilizing that character in this world. Any fights where you receive heavy damage or can't kill enemies on the first hit.3. Either send them via PM, Skype, or IM (though, IM is kind of unreliable as I have been known to go afk for long periods of time) and I'll look it over. With no ruler, everyone does their best to sustain a living where anyone may take advantage of others. Such an event which hasn't occurred for well over 1000 years.