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If I can stop another falang from making a stupid mistake, I think I have repaid my debt to this site. So, Robert from Sweden who is arriving the third week of October, she is a sweet girl.

He had been carefully saving for his big trip to Thailand to meet the girl he clearly wanted to settle down with. They fool around and probably have other men they also email regularly. But in some ways it can be depressing too for you start to see many of the same patterns from the bar being repeated, just under a slightly different guise.They don't try to overtly scam you for money like bargirls, but keep in mind that you may be one of many suitors. I had a bad experience with a Thai girl which would have been a lot worse if someone hadn't told me about this website. I talk to her occasionally, but we don't mess around anymore. Both my personal experience and the experiences of my friends are very similar to yours – be careful with girls who you meet online.By now, everyone should know the many risks, both monetary and emotional, you will face if you attempt to forge a long-term relationship with a bar / go-go girl.Many websites, numerous books on the subject, press articles, and other media have all come to the same conclusion. I think most men have gotten the message and now and look for other alternatives to meeting Thai women. Whether through bangkokchat, yahoo, or, you have the opportunity to talk to college educated (or currently attending college) Thai women interested in meeting foreigners.Thailand has many ancient and colorful cultural traditions and its own set of spoken and unspoken rules about acceptable and unacceptable behavior during courtship.

Learning a little something about Thai dating rituals is the best way to avoid these cultural pitfalls while courting a Thai woman.

Best Thai Dating Sites Our favorite Thai sites are Cherry Blossoms and Thai Love Links.

Cherry Blossoms is a great site for Asia in general, but Thai Love Links is really focused on Thai girls and has more beautiful Thai babes than any other site on the web.

I noticed a large number of messages from a guy named Robert in Sweden. The numerous hearts and "miss you honey" in his email made this clear. No boyfriend"I couldn't help but feel bad for this guy. I don't know what their expectations are, but please keep your head on straight when you finally come to Thailand.

I told her, "Oh, so you have a boyfriend from Sweden already." She said, "No, I do chat with him. He had been sending her emails everyday and developed an infatuation with this girl. These women haven't been waiting dutifully for your arrival. The way Thai girls have embraced the internet is truly fascinating.

Once my appearance changed, Thais were more willing to talk to me. Most Thais are pretty shy and would back away, but occasionally some would respond. I struck up a conversation and we ended up agreeing to meet at RCA. We were both pretty tired, so she ended up staying at my apartment.