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We’re eager to get started, and as one of the assistants moves to check the headset is properly in place he quietly encourages us to, ‘Have fun’.

‘That’s not what you’re supposed to say’, we complain.

We can’t see his face at this point, but he knows exactly what we mean and adds: ‘May the Force be with you’.

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Afterwards we take Webster, the general manager of Criterion Games – creators of the Burnout series of arcade racers – aside and pump him for further information.Although sadly he seems genuinely uncertain of exactly how this one mission will evolve and expand in the future…Webster seems to take an almost vampiric glee at our awe-struck reaction, as we climb into the cockpit and spot the targeting computer nestled behind our left ear and the R2 unit sitting patiently in its spot behind us.The cockpit is a perfect recreation of the movie prop, and even has interactive buttons – such as the one that opens and closes the wings into attack position.Game Central plays EA’s first Play Station VR experiment, and what is a dream come true for Star Wars fans.

As we stand waiting for our go on EA’s Star Wars: Battlefront VR demo we start chatting with developer Matt Webster about video games, Star Wars, and the blessed union of the two.

Unlike in the garage though we’ve suddenly gained a virtual body, decked out in an authentic Rebel pilot suit that moves as we do and even has a pair of virtual hands gripping the joystick (even though we’re really using a normal Dual Shock controller).

Despite the relatively low resolution of the Play Station VR headset the effect is utterly convincing, as we gaze out the window, and even into the footwell, in full 3D.

Although the VR game handles differently the controls are identical to Battlefront, but in that the first person cockpit view is virtually unplayable.

Here though it not only feels utterly real but by simply turning our head and looking out the side window it’s vastly more easy to keep track of ships and other objects.

Even though there’s a lot of them the TIEs don’t present that much of a problem, as we duck in and around the asteroids to chase them down and keep them away from the Corvette.