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Sidney Smith did much to popularize it in the satirical sense.

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) this month we have discovered an assortment on unrelated truths.

The windshield is the catalyst, the metaphor for daydreams, a great place to collect insects, or parts of same.

In our story “Hair Bag Houses High-jacked”, which focuses on ethics cleansing in Pinkyville, it should be noted that a secret Rasta plan to rid the town of Realtors has surfaced too. If you’re trying to find our offices look directly behind Winkie’s Feed Lot and just follow the flies. Hopefully we won’t be reduced to burning bundles of 7-ll firewood like that miserable winter of 1974 in Capital Hill.

It is modeled after the new video game “Let’s Bomb Someone Tonight”, which despite all the bullet-proof rhetoric regarding gun control, is selling well. Thought for the day: “Ain’t nobody hates wind like a mosquito.” – Jingles __________________________ with Dwin “King” Hevaway, Executive Corrections Editor Filing cabinets containing our literary cree and mission statements were regrettably misplaced sometime in the early eighties.

Retroactive price increases for which we billed subscribers last month are solely for the purpose of keeping this newspaper out of the hands of children.

The names of all subscribers whom fail to pay this assessment will heretofore be listed in our bi-monthly “enemies of kids” inserts.

These people are only real if you think they are real.

Persons seeking special accommodations with the brass section of the Pea Green Symphony Orchestra should approach each member on a one-to-one basis, leaving no stone unturned.

Nonetheless, it’s vital that we keep a realistic view as to our relative importance in this world and not become disconsolate at what we see in the cosmic binoculars.

Why just the other day I spent the entire afternoon watching ants trek across the driveway swept away by the knowledge that they were not watching me. While traveling various designated scenic routes (were these same pathways sordid dumps before the feds came in with their signs?

Anyway, so as to yield to the rambling of a windy corrections editor (below) I’ll get to the point: This month we’ve not covered potential President Forbes and his association with a PR firm that made the fish stick great again.