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The problem is to get someone to give you the chance after you get the lessons.You just have to keep knocking on door until someone says yes. I know that there are women out there that are welders helpers you just have to keep looking and asking.

I have thought about starting a welding school for women and help women that want to get into the field.A few law suits on womens rights and these companies might think twice.Like you I have worked for some good people but there is alot of what should we call it "Red Neck Mentality" out here. I know what women must have felt like and went through when they were trying to getting the right to vote. I did not stop production and I did not cause any accidents. Lorena I would be gald to help if your were closer.Just thought I would voice my flustrations and see what kind of responce I would get. I have given lessons before but you could also go to a community college and take classes.There was a company this last winter out of Dallas that hired me to do structural welding they did not give me a hard time at all. I was the only women in about 100 guys and the roof did not fall and there was no trouble because I was there.

One thing I have chose to do through again experience is not to date anyone that I work with.I have worked as a structural welder and was the only woman there.I did not stop production and I did not cause any accidents. What I am finding is how bad the discrimination is in the field of pipeline welding.The question is how do you fight the discrimination?Hi Joss I could write a book or make a movie on everything I have been through and it sure would not be "Flash Dance". Why is it so hard for men to accept a women out in the field. I apply and they say they will call back but never do.When I started I was told I would have to use the bathroom with 129 men because they did not any facilites for women and that they only paid minimum wage.