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mais pas la maman de Candace Bushnell, l'auteure de Sex and the City.

Si cette dernière a choisi d'offrir à son héroïne un "happy ending" avec le moins parfait (et sexy) de ces deux prétendants, c'est en effet parce que sa mère n'était pas fan d'Aidan, vient-elle de révéler à Us Weekly.

Foundry is a group practice of licensed therapists, psychologists and mental health professionals, including Certified Sex Addiction Therapists and Supervisors (CSAT & CSAT-S), Certified Clinical Partner Specialists (CCPS), Certified Sex Therapists (CST) and EMDR-trained clinicians.

"Ma mère a toujours détesté Aidan, pour une raison que j'ignore, je ne pouvais donc vraiment pas prendre son parti, a avoué Candace Bushnell. Ma mère n'a jamais pensé qu'Aidan était la personne parfaite pour Carrie.Dès que j'allais rendre visite à mes parents, ma mère me disait, 'mais pourquoi Carrie est avec Aidan et pas avec Mr. Je me suis sentie obligée de me ranger de son côté".Jessica says there have been no charges laid in her case yet, and when she’s called the SAIT officer for updates she rarely phones back.One time, Jessica’s mother said they were on speakerphone with the SAIT officer when when Jessica asked a question, and the officer said “What did I tell you last week? Jessica’s mom said they’ve also talked to the sergeant above the SAIT officer, who offered no options besides telling them to file a formal complaint and “snickered” when Jessica’s mom asked they be updated once a week on the case progress.Foundry also offers couples workshops Through The Fire and Forging Ahead which focus on understanding sex addiction induced trauma (SAIT) and relational healing; these workshops are designed to increase communication skills, assist with crisis/trigger management, as well as help develop empathy and intimacy.

Foundry’s flagship office is located in Los Angeles / Beverly Hills.

Au final, c'est avec le premier (après moult ruptures et réconciliations) qu'elle a uni sa destinée.

Une décision qui a sans doute déçu les nombreux membres de la Team Aidan (à qui Carrie a refusé sa main)...

Et si elle ne compte pas écrire de suite (ni n'imagine un troisième Sex and the City d'ailleurs), elle se plaît à penser que Carrie et Big sont "toujours mariés et heureux".

We are licensed mental health professionals highly trained and experienced in treating problems with sex, relationships, trauma and addictions.

Although the process has been “exhausting,” Jessica said an Avalon counselor told her it sounds like police are secondary-victimizing and shaming her, and offered to write a letter to go with Jessica’s official complaint against the SAIT officer and other officers they’ve spoken with expected to be filed Monday. Dianne Penfound of Halifax Regional Police said in an email on Friday the force’s “ultimate goal is for victims to know that they will not be judged and they will be treated with compassion, dignity and respect throughout the entire investigative process.” Penfound added she’d be forwarding Jessica’s concerns to SAIT.