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It was a text-based service, and considered the first viable commercial competition to Compu Serve. GEnie offered games, shopping, mail, and forums (called Round Tables).

They allowed users to create profiles (usually with photos) and to contact other users.Online forums also played a large part in the evolution of the social web.These were really descendents of the BBSs popular in the 70s and 80s, but usually came with a more user-friendly interface, making them easier for non-technical visitors to use.Various forum platforms, including v Bulletin and php BB, were developed, many of which are still used for forums.Forums remain a popular part of online culture, and many have made strides to add more social networking-type features (like profiles).

While many people consider dating sites or sites like to be the first social networks, they don’t really fit the definition.Usenet systems were first conceived of in 1979 by Tom Truscott and Jim Ellis.Usenets let users post articles or posts (referred to as “news”) to newsgroups.It was at least partly responsible for the adoption of avatars, abbreviations (LOL, BRB) and emoticons. Dating sites are sometimes considered the first social networks.The first dating sites started cropping up almost as soon as people started going online.After BBSs came “online services” like Compu Serve and Prodigy.