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Or maybe you’re totally BORED of the missionary position (and honestly, who isn’t already?

Sexual fantasies are anything you have thought about doing, but might never have considered following through with.

Maybe you get yourself off thinking about having sex with a stranger while your partner watches, role-playing where your man is your boss and you need some discipline, or even watching naughty videos where your fantasies are acted out.

Try anything from chocolate sauce, whipped cream, and honey, to edible body powder and oils during sex.

Have your partner lick them off of certain parts of your body before switching roles for a night that is insanely sexy Gemini will try anything once when it comes to sex, which makes them totally open to roleplaying.

On the other hand, being a Sub can be even sexier because you are finally succumbing to a role where you don’t get to call the shots.

Try both positions at least once to get a taste of the dominant/submissive culture.

Research done by an Israeli psychologist has just found having sexual fantasies about people other than your partner doesn't significantly harm your relationship.

Analysing fantasies is a bit like dream analysis: it's more about individual interpretation than general concepts.

Start by talking to your partner about a fantasy setting that makes you both hot and go from there.

Remember that laughing shouldn’t take you out of the mood, but rather make it a little easier to loosen up so you can find out how sexy roleplaying actually is. The act of tying your partner up, or being tied up yourself, is very intimate, helping you keep a romantic vibe going during sex.

Being a total foodie, nothing is sexier to a Taurus than bringing their favorite foods to the bedroom.