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Anyways, in order to get some opinions on the Spectre and XPS, I thought I'd come into this forum to see what people were saying, and came across this thread!

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That can't be right if this thing is meant to last 15 ? I installed the Battery Report prompt on the desktop until some battery patterns have emerged.I've been using my HP Spectre i7/16Gb/1TB SSD for about a week now. It estimated I had 13 hours and 57 minutes of use available when fully charged.Please advise me the best time to call you to complete this transaction. Got the 13-w032TU for k and the 13-w033TU for .2k.I did purchase through my company, so it's a legit corporate purchase.Asked about where I had heard about the corporate pricing and I just indicated on a website (not naming Whirlpool) and this was accepted! I have a company anyway and could have confirmed but there was no need. I'd just assume the order is in progress (although when I want to track, it says the order doesn't exist : S)I wonder if I can claim also the paypal promotion... I ended up ordering the 13-w032TU for k last week (I told the HP rep over Live Chat that I was looking to make a laptop purchase through my company and was interested in finding out what their corporate pricing was) and that all worked out smoothly. Side question, are we entitled to the paypal promotion/rebate? I just got the email too and have been given an ETA of 27/10, so not long to go!!

Like calichin, I wasn't able to track my order progress through their link but noticed that if you log on to your HP account via their website and load up 'My orders', it'll give you info on your order. Also, unfortunately I have no idea about the Paypal rebate – perhaps someone else can shed some light on this.

I was hesitating getting the HP Spectre x360 13-w032tu 16Gb 512Gb for ,899 as it just seemed too much.

When I read that you guys were getting this for ,000 I got pretty excited.

I rang HP this morning and said "I would like to find about the corporate pricing for a few items" The girl asked for my company name and the products I was interested in and and quoted me the following prices: HP Spectre x360 13-w033tu 16Gb 1TB for ,269HP 3005 pr USB 3.0 Port Replicator 0HP 13.3 Spectre Black Leather Sleeve (Zipper) Corporate Pricing got my total spend down from ,777 to ,568 or a 32% discount.

Thanks to everyone that posted and saved me a bundle. However, I also have the minor issues with the trackpad, im dealing with it at the moment.

I had no problems this morning achieving this pricing for the Spectre x360 Conve 13-w033TU (.2k).