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She tells Regine that there is nothing wrong with seeking a relationship, as long as you don't base your self-worth on whether you have a man.

During a time-out, Denise tries to get a weary Khadijah to concede, and boasts that she will shut her out.

A rejuvenated Khadijah picks up her defense, then steals the ball and scores at the buzzer.

It is then revealed that Max and Regine are at a strip club. Question number nine: `After sex, I feel like a.) Cuddling. c.) Compulsively washing my hands.'" Max: "I'll take d.) Sending him out for snacks and locking the door behind him." Synclaire: "Max, you wouldn't really treat a man like that." Khadijah: "Remember that guy running down the street in a pink bathrobe carrying a box of Fig Newtons? It's called, `My Roommate's a Fool.'" Richard Gant [ Al Evans ], Dawn Mc Millan [ Tracy ] Max drives the girls crazy by spending all her time at their apartment (even having her calls forwarded).

Overton sends Synclaire gifts from a secret admirer, but decides to call it off when she constantly speculates about the man's identity (and actually starts to believe that the king of Jordan is her admirer). That was one of hers." Regine: "If I really wanted to be in a room full of unsatisfied women yak-yak-yakking about their problems, I'd stay here and talk to y'all." Khadijah: "You know, Regine. They rejoice when Evans and Bell call her back to work.

She later coached her alma mater, as well as the Phoenix Mercury of the WNBA.

Khadijah reveals her high school basketball nickname, "All-Chain." Melanie Chartoff [ Dr.

Synclaire gives her a brochure about a seminar intended to help women break their dependence on men.

When Regine attends her first session, she is shocked to find that Max is taking the class.

Mary agrees to purchase the ad if she finds the campaign acceptable, but suggests that the duo work on it together.

Regine and Khadijah argue constantly, and decide to pitch individual ideas.

Did you want to be the one who captured Alias Smith and Jones, or the Beast Master?