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To access it, players must have reached a certain point in the quest Icthlarin's Little Helper.

Sophanem was founded in the Second Age, shortly before the reign of Pharaoh Queen Senliten.

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Amongst players, it is perhaps most popular for the thieving-based Pyramid Plunder minigame, as well as its efficiency as a base of operations for those exploring the southern desert.The exact date of Sophanem's founding is unclear; although, it is known to have occurred some time slightly prior to Pharaoh Queen Senlite's reign over the Menaphite nation, which pre-dated the conversion of the Mahjarrat to Zaros's forces.Prior to the construction of Sophanem and Menaphos, the Menaphites lived primarily in settlements along the north and eastern rims of the desert, such as the prosperous metropolises of Ullek and Uzer.According to the religious text Tumeken's Dream, which is apparently held in high regard by the current High Priest of Icthlarin, Ullek was a thriving capital city long before Sophanem was even conceived.Consider excluding the below files from anti-virus scans and/or on-access scanning.

Sophanem, often referred to as the "City of the Dead," is a settlement located in the southernmost reaches of the known Kharidian Desert.The only people with whom Sophanem is known to have traded are the Bedabin, who lived in the western Kharid and frequented the area to hunt and barter.Like the rest of the Menaphite settlements, Sophanem was and still is a firm worshipper of the Desert Pantheon.The Menaphites' human, clay golem, and Mahjarrat forces managed to repel Zaros with comparative ease, eventually forcing him to set his sights on what are now Misthalin, Asgarnia, and the Wilderness instead.Sophanem itself remained relatively uninvolved in the war, its isolation allowing it to avoid anything more than troop and supply provision.A mixture of different tips and tweaks for various Citrix products.