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The pose is simple but intimate, and requires us to focus intensely on each other to stay balanced.

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Each spends about three minutes talking to each member of the oppposite sex - the social interaction that takes place therein is referred to as a 'speed date'.At the end of the evening everyone marks on a card who they would like to date again and who they wouldn't.Nemeth discourages talking, so some quietly introduce themselves while others just smile silently.Shortly after the first uncomfortable encounter, I drape myself in a backbend over a man in downward-facing dog, which feels luxurious."All my single friends were speed dating or on Match.com," says Nemeth.

"So I thought, Well, five minutes on your mat with someone will tell you if there's a connection." Having recently ended a serious relationship, I'm not ready to start dating again, but I want to test the waters and see who else is paddling around.

At 5'10", I just can't get past my junior-high memories of being a gangly beanpole.

So as the guy on my right talks my ear off, I scope out the other, taller prospects in the room.

There's a lot of lingering and happy chatting as we leave the studio. Emotionally, I'm not yet ready for a full-on flirtation, the kind that might actually lead somewhere. Alexa Stanard is a freelance writer based in Oak Park, MI.

And some of the men were appealing enough that I could lose my better judgment after a couple of beers.

Still, I approach this class with some trepidation.