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Ukrainian city of Lviv is no doubt one of the most charming and yet not well-known parts of Ukraine.

It’s been recently gaining plenty of attention from the world, and was proudly featured on BBC and Euro News.

Korniakt Palace – museum’s main building – was a former residence of Jakub Sobieski, the father of Polish king Jan III.

Interesting things to check out: in Ukraine by Ivan Fedorov among others.

However, most popular spots are Halytska street and Serbska street When to visit: throughout the week, but more so – on weekends How much to pay: for FREE This small 1 meter monument, right outside of Art Gallery Dzyga, is bound to put a smile on your face.

The so-called Monument to a Smile is an on-going exposition of Oleg Dergachov, Lviv’s caricature maker.

Founded in 1997 by members of Lviv Students Brotherhood and city’s artists, the gallery regularly hosts works by contemporary artists, including paintings, graphics, sculptures, installations, iconography, and performances.

For those who want to combine the art and a good cup of coffee, a small cozy cafe is opened at the gallery premises. If you are looking for locals’ all-favorite place to sit around and watch the life pass by, go straight to the charming little coffee shop right opposite to the Boim’s Chapel and Latin Cathedral. The best time is the end of September during traditional Coffee Festival How much to pay: starting from 3 EURO and up As soon as the weather gets a bit warmer, Lviv streets start bustling with musicians, live bands and performers.Where to find: right in the middle of the Market Square (hard to miss! ’ is a typical phrase in conversations of Lviv university students.) When to visit: Tuesday – Friday from 10 am till 5 pm, Saturday – Sunday from 11 am till 7 pm. How much to pay: 5 UAH, which is 0.5 EURO Even though Lviv Rynok Square has a total of four fountains at each side – Diana, Neptune, Adonise and Amphitrite, local Lviv residents give their special love to Neptune. Whenever you come to the fountain, expect to see bunches and crowds of young people and elderly all ready for their afternoon rendezvouz.Getting to its top is one of the most fun things to do in Lviv!We won’t break the secret to you, but will hint that the staircase has more than 300, but less than 500 steps.As they wind up to the tiny round tube at the top of the tower, the counting is even more interesting!