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"People with social constraints have a hard time understanding dating codes and behavior we take from granted, such as what constitutes too much information," she said."In general, they're not adept at natural rules of conversation such as who talks, when and how much, when you start talking and when it's time to listen, making eye contact, or being polite even to people who don't attract us.

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The kanji will get the ball rolling by separating the men and women into groups of equal size (3:3 and 4:4 are common).You’re supposed to be single as a prerequisite for gokon, though sometimes the kanji will be a married "neutral" party—though, as everywhere in the world, people aren't always entirely honest about their own situations.Despite all the mystery, gokon are actually little more than group blind (or semi-blind) dates.There isn't any kind of gokon association or Facebook page you sign up for, or even a fee for participating; it’s just a group date that a friend or mutual acquaintance might happen to put together."I want a girl from a good family," said Doron, another participant.

"Someone who will stick with me when times get tough, someone I can be happy with." The May 31 outing was the first of many planned monthly speed-dating events geared specifically for people who have autism and other disabilities that can make social interaction difficult.In a machi-kon, you'll typically start by choosing a drinking buddy of the same gender, and then head through various drinking and dining spots in a prescribed area.The goal in this case is to meet as many people as possible—though the sheer number of people means you probably won't remember anyone's faces. Gokon are just slightly more organized versions of a night out at the pub.For instance, the Tel Aviv event had only seven rounds of seven minutes each instead of the usual 10 rounds, and there were counselors on hand to help the participants, most of them aged 25-30, navigate the rough waters of social relationships.There were also tip sheets that advised the approximately 15 juice-sipping and cookie-nibbling daters in attendance that "this is not the time to talk about your problems" and that they should show an interest in the people they meet, but not subject them to the third degree.The program, which has since had a second speed-dating event, was the brainchild of organizers Rinat Steiff and Adar Pilo, rehabilitation specialists.